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MS Paint Adventures

2010-02-11 15:53:55 by gankro

If you haven't heard of it, MS Paint Adventures is basically the most deceptive name you will ever come across. It's a webcomic, of sorts, except it dances between still images, animated gifs, and entire flash animations with music and everything. Even more ridiculous, is that it has interactive pages.

That's where I come in. I've been constracted to make all of Andrew Hussie's particularly complex interactive portions, and I finally released a huge project I was working on for MSPA. MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT? Of course, this won't make much sense as a stand alone feature, so maybe you should just read the whole story! I promise it's worth it. I mean, it already has 4 albums of music.

Oh man, it's been a while.

2010-01-08 22:47:32 by gankro


New game with *gasp* LiLg!

2009-04-27 15:06:24 by gankro

Ya so, I made a game... with LiLg, he made Hewitt and Griswold the Goblin, no big deal or anything...

Turns out he's a really awesome guy to work with, relaxed but professional. We are currently planning on a third one and are leaning towards a voodoo town.

WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING IT (oh and comment/rate/5en or whatever the whores say now a days...

oh, and I've started work on a new portfolio. If anyone has any thought or ideas they would be much appreciated.

anticimated.. 2?

2008-11-22 15:17:42 by gankro

Today I was flipping through files and came across what was to become "anticimated 2" unfortunately I couldn't get the same stream of thought going as i had with the first one... although i was already losing it by the time i had reached the water in the original... but I feel I should finish it...

This is where you people come in, it seems I started to work on it, then didn't like where it was going and picked a new path for the animation... but in a new file.


Anticimated 2.0
Anticimated 2.5

Which seems to work the best?
Do you like the whole fly/colour thing?
What parts are the best?

Also: interesting note: for some reason I have the magical ability for music to sink up to what ever I animate even when the music was an after thought.

Weird week...

2008-10-31 18:46:06 by gankro

This week has turned out really weird... not in a big way but in many small ways...

for one, we had a big early snowfall, ya, that's right... already snowin' in Canada... the wind was so powerful all the icicles are on a 45 degree angle and one side of everything is plastered with snow while the other side remains bare. And to add to the strangeness of that, my street has something I imagine poets would have a wet dream about... there is a tree that has barely started to turn red - which is covered in snow. It's kinda spooky...

Beyond that I've noticed that even though I'm working excessive hours at work (26 a week of the maximum recommended 15) my grades are higher than ever... Also while this may seem irrelevant, this is the first time in months in which I have been separated from my bike. Forcing me to bum rides or WALK everywhere. And really, once you've biked, walking is just painfully slow...

I've also barely touched (non-school) computers in the last month and it's only really now sinking in... While many have grown to think I need a technology IV, it seems I don't really need it at all... I just have a strange habit of becoming fully attached to what ever I'm doing and ignoring all other options. I find this is most clearly indicated by how I read books... You see, I don't read an hour and come back later, nor two nor three... I read around 12 hours at a time. And the closer I get to the end, the less likely I am to put it down... For this reason, while I do love a good book, I generally avoid books as it will destroy any chance of productivity in the next day or two. And with school and work consuming almost 60 hours a week I have few 12 hour slots to use short of sleep deprivation...

Other than that it's just been one weird coincidence after another making me feel kinda creeped out... anyone else havin' a weird week?


2008-08-29 21:27:50 by gankro

yep, two days after castle crashers, and actually while playing castle crashers... I get red ringed... oh well, at least I had already beaten it... hopefully I can get Microsoft to replace it in time for the fall lineup of games... any tips or insight into how the whole fixing process goes?

Oh, ya, and before I forget, here's: My Coding Portfolio


2008-07-31 03:32:00 by gankro

4 people are playing through the entirety of the paper mario series in 72 hours in one big streak... and they're racing each other! It's got some good banter and it's for charity! also: FREE PRIZES INCLUDING A WII!!!


Coders can animate too!

2008-07-11 16:26:10 by gankro

As a coder with a sister who is an animation student I found a slight need to get good at animation, but being good wasn't good enough. She dislikes flash because of it's... I'm not quite sure... probably because I just use it... (she favors toon-boom and traditional animation [hand drawn frame by frame on sheets of paper you take photos of, which takes like 2 weeks to do a bouncing ball cycle]). So I had to do it all fbf, no tweens, no masks. And several days later... I did it: My Masterpiece

I'm incredibly impressed with the results, a 4.0 (plateaued at 4.11 before being potentially down voted by clock fans, but I'm not bitter or anything...) and a daily third which could have easily been a first with slightly less impressive competition, and allowed me to make this post. So, what do you guys think?

Oh ya, and here's my latest coding portfolio:

Most Recent Version (starting to bug out from size, i.e random mc's breaking, so tell me if any are)

My Coding Portfolio

2008-06-05 18:22:12 by gankro

Summer's coming along so I'm finally going to get some proper relaxation and get some projects done, as a result I made a coding portfolio:

Most Recent Version

What do you think? what other potential engines should I make?

Importable Achievement System!

2008-02-03 17:25:40 by gankro

I've heard people saying how cool it would be, so I decided I'm gonna try it.

It's only in development stages but here's the concept:

-An importable .swf you don't have to download
-INCREDIBLY dynamic appearance options
-easy to use function system
-accounts that can be used for both creating and playing
-does not effect gameplay

I'm working with Blah569 to make it under the name of in association with, meaning your ucuaah and achievit account are one and the same.

Here's the current version of the easy achievement maker: ACHIEVE!!!
and here it is in operation
(this project has been abandoned, unless some server side coder happens to come out of nowhere...)